1904 - Coshocton’s Carnegie Library, located on the corner of 4th Street and Chestnut Street in Coshocton, Ohio is completed. The library was the 1,000th library funded by Andrew Carnegie. 

Coshocton's Carnegie Library

1924 - Coshocton City Council turned over responsibility of the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum collection to the library, due to the museum not having enough funds for a location or maintenance. 

1924 museum collection

1931 - The Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum opens its doors in the Sycamore School building leased by the Coshocton Public Library Board.

johnson-humrickhouse museum

1936 - The West Lafayette Branch opens on October 10th in a vacant basement room of the Main Street School located in West Lafayette, Ohio. 

 Main St 1936

1936-1946 - Sometime in this time frame the West Lafayette Branch is moved into a different room in the basement of the Main Street School. 


1946 - The West Lafayette Branch is moved to 117 East Main Street, West Lafayette where it remains for 29 years. The school was in need of the basement space the library had been occupying. 


1952 - A 1939 Dodge Bookmobile is purchased for $500 to offer library services remotely. 

1939 dodge bookmobile

1954 - Discussion began to consider adding on to the Carnegie building; however, the site was found to be unsuitable for reconstruction. Later, the building is remodeled.


1955 - The Gerstenslager Bookmobile is purchased and serves the county until 1968. 

1955 bookmobile

1966 - A new 29-foot bookmobile is purchased to carry more resources for $24,000.  

1966 bookmobile

 1974 - The library moves to the former post office building on the corner of 7th and Main, Coshocton, Ohio.  


1975 - The West Lafayette Branch Library is relocated in October to 108 East Main Street, West Lafayette to allow for more resources.

 1975 108 East Main St

1979 - On July 7, the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum opens in a newly constructed building located in Roscoe Village.

1979 museum

1984 - The Blue Bird bookmobile is purchased.

1984 blue bird bookmobile

1988 - An addition is constructed on the 7th and Main location to house an expanded children’s room, offices, basement storage, and workspace for staff.

1988 new addition

1991 - On July 15, the West Lafayette Branch is relocated to 601 East Main Street, West Lafayette to allow for better parking and more resources. A grand opening celebration is held on August 24.

1994 West Lafayette Branch Library

1995 - The library is renovated to improve accessibility, increase shelf space, and allow for modern technology.

1995 renovation

1996 - A more modern Blue Bird bookmobile is purchased.

1996 bookmobile

2004 - The Coshocton Public Library’s centennial is celebrated by commissioning a sculpture to be created by Alan Cottrill of Alan Cottrill Sculpture Studio in Zanesville, Ohio.

centennial statue

2005 - The West Lafayette Rotary Club donates the Reading Shelter to the West Lafayette Branch as the club’s Centennial project with seating provided by two Eagle Scouts.

WL reading shelter

2006 - The Coshocton Public Library Centennial Statue is unveiled. 

2006 centennial statue unveiled

2017 - A 2018 Bluebird bus is delivered to serve as the new bookmobile. The bus is 36 feet long and has a 4,500 material capacity. About half of the funding for the new bookmobile was raised through grants from local foundations and businesses, and through private donations. 

2017 bookmobile