The National Road: A Ride Through Time

The National Road was America's first national highway.  Starting in Cumberland Maryland and continuing to Vandalia, Illinois, it opened the west to settlement and bound East and West into one great nation.  This lively program includes slides, audio recordings and live music to present the history, stories and songs of the National Road through Ohio.  Join us for this educational and entertaining journey across America's first national highway.

Build a Better World: Christmas Jars in July

Discover the art of generosity and paying it forward at this Book Talk program about the award-winning novel, "Christmas Jars", written by Jason Wright. This lively Book Talk will be lead by Andrea Smith, branch manager, at the West Lafayette Branch Library. At the end of the program, Build a Better World by creating your own 'Christmas jar' to consider filling and sharing with others when the holidays arrive. All supplies will be furnished.


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